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Local SEO

Local SEO

Have you ever searched for a product or service and noticed that the first results that appear might be from small local businesses in your area? But how can a small business outrank even the largest corporations and franchises? And in addition to search page results, mobile search is absolutely exploding in popularity. These mobile searches primarily pull their results from Local Search Engines. The potential to attract new customers via Local Search is enormous and your business must be properly listed and accredited online in order take advantage of the power of localized, targeted, search results.

Are you a local business? Do you provide goods and services to customers within a 100 miles of your business? Or maybe your business is growing into a new region and you need to get your website ranking fast!

Our Local Search Engine Optimization Service feeds the search engines the correct information about your business so that your site will rank in the top search results for your area. In order to grab a top position in Google you will need to maximize your business’ exposure in local directory sites including Google Places, Yahoo Local, Bing Local, Yelp and more. These sites are being recognized as the primary resource of local business information on iPhones, iPads, Android Phones, Android Tablets and other mobile devices. It’s a fact: iPhone and Android app phones are pre-loaded with Google Maps which pulls local business information from Google Places.

The Clever Robot knows how to secure your position in these directories. Many of the tactics are similar to those used in SEO services but there are some distinct differences.

How Our Local Optimization Service Works:

  • STEP 1: First, we create a complete and compelling profile on the local directory sites. Your profile will include your important keywords to maximize your rankings on those keyword searches. We write the content and work with the business owner to verify their listing.
  • STEP 2: Customer reviews are an important factor in how your business is perceived online. We’ll setup the our Customer Reviews Social Tracking Tool to proactively request reviews of your business. We can request reviews daily, weekly or monthly.
  • STEP 3: We will work to build citations or online references to your business on other directory sites. Citations are similar to links except that they often are built by mention of phone number, business name and address.
  • STEP 4: Context-Linking Strategies – When a customer clicks on your ad, we take them to the page on your site that has the information that best matches their search.
  • STEP 5: The Clever Robot continues to monitor the placement of your local profile in the search results and makes adjustments, builds citations and requests reviews.