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  • FitGroundNuts

    When Salif came to us, he needed a website up quickly that he could easily use to sell his product line for FitGroundNuts. The biggest urgency was that the site needed to be up as fast as possible.

  • FloorMarx

    Mitch began creating the FloormarX system in 2014. It utilized a specially formulated ink and marking pen that allows P.E. teachers, coaches, dance instructors and many more to draw quick drying, bold, durable lines and court markings that are easy to remove.

  • T-Man Performance

    T-Man Performance offers high performance cams, heads, cylinders, kits and dyno tuning. For TR it all began in his father’s shop, Reiser’s Cycle Service, in Columbus, Ohio. After years of training with various Harley dealerships, he turned his focus on to high performance. In 1996 he met his wife, Martha Delaney. It was good fortune that found an Easyrider franchise opening near her hometown. T-Man Performance opened their doors in 1997 in Kernersville, NC.

  • The Woodrow

    Dan Woodrow is an imaginative man who's passion for music is genuinely contagious. After spending years perfecting a new instrument he needed an updated way to showcase it, demonstrate the sound, and of course allow people to place orders for it.

  • Bywater Books

    Bywater Books represents the coming of age of lesbian fiction. They're committed to bringing the best of contemporary lesbian writing to a discerning readership. Their editorial team is dedicated to finding and developing outstanding voices who deliver stories you won’t want to put down.

  • Magitarius

    Michael needed a home to showcase and sell his original works with vinyl figures, posters, and t-shirts. We ended up doing the site, later added an eCommerce option, and all the while incorporated original designs made by Michael. Instead of using a standard theme and doing small modifications, the background images on each page are original works made by Michael of Magitarius.

  • Yamabushi Art Homepage

    Yamabushi Art

    Local Asheville legend, Rob Yamabushi, needed a website that featured user maintained image galleries, original blog article content, and a large e-commerce selection. The colossus of super-collage gave us practically free reign when creating a snazzy new site to call home.

  • Nu-Tech Homepage


    The Navy trusts Nu-Tech when it comes to heat sink seals, and Nu-Tech trusts The Clever Robot for their website needs.

  • ACME Car Tow Dolly Homepage

    ACME Tow Dolly Company

    This site is an excellent example of how owning two websites is better than one. The Clever Robot was able to create a symbiotic traffic flow between ACME Car Tow Dolly and ACME Diesel Gas Trailer's sites.

  • Trimantec Home Page


    Trimantec® is a full service electromechanical manufacturer.

  • Call to Action

    Acme Tow Dolly – DieselGasTrailer.com

    ACME customers were having trouble purchasing items from off this website.

  • Fuel Tec Systems Homepage

    Fuel Tec Systems

    Fueltec Systems LLC is the leader in the design and manufacturing of custom and production fuel polishing and fuel tank cleaning systems.

  • BSC Offroad Homepage

    BSC Offroad

    Specializing in vehicle parts and accessories for rough, rugged outdoor use, BSC Offroad allowed us to fully showcase our E-commerce website potential.

  • Home

    Hoffman Pottery

    There's nothing half baked about Hoffman Pottery's website. A contemporary stylish slideshow greets you at the front page accentuated by the large menu buttons above it.

  • E-commerce Catalog

    Everkem™ Diversified Products

    Everkem™ Diversified Products specializes in the manufacture of sealants, adhesives and specialty chemical compounds used for construction and industrial applications. Originally founded as Firestopping Products Inc.

  • The Food Movement - The Clever Robot Inc.

    The Food Movement

    The Food Movement is founded on the belief that the human body has an innate ability to heal itself given the proper nourishment. They believe in not just healing with whole foods, but also in supplementing our diets with specific nutrients that may be missing.