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Premium WordPress Hosting

Premium WordPress Hosting

The Clever Robot is excited to present our WordPress Premium Hosting. Clever Robot Hosting has hosted standard LAMP and WordPress sites dependably for years. Over the last few years we have seen a rapid increase in the use and distribution of WordPress for management. In fact, almost every site we build these days starts with WordPress for content management. WordPress is an excellent choice for professional content management but it does require a lot of resources to run.

“One of the BIG criteria that Google and other search engines use to determine where a webpage ranks in their directories is speed.”

We have a Clever solution! The Clever Robot has partnered with one of the world’s top tier hosting companies that specialize in managing WordPress websites, to deliver an optimized environment for your WordPress website. This special relationship provides our clients with superior hosting and still includes The Clever Robot’s FREE one hour of maintenance per month that has been so popular with our customers over the years.

If you have a WordPress site, and ranking on page one of google is important to you and your company, then you should consider our WordPress Hosting Service – optimized just for WordPress to serve up your website.

Already a Clever Robot Hosting customer? No problem! We will credit your account towards the change and only bill you for the difference.

Whether a current customer or a new customer, as always: NO charge to migrate your site to our system! NO contracts! Pay monthly or month-to-month!

Why Switch to The Clever Robot’s Premium WordPress Hosting?

Beyond best in class performance, over the top hardware, and insane speed how else can we convince you to let us host your WordPress site? Our Premium WordPress Hosting plan is packed with special features and benefits only available to WordPress Website Owners.

  • Wicked Fast Website:
    Your site is served from our wicked fast network of multi-server clusters with in-RAM caching, and a content delivery network to make sure your customers see your site load as fast as possible. All of this is built-in and fully managed by us, not by you.
  • One-Click Restore Points:
    Now with a single click you can take a “snapshot” of your entire site — that’s all of the files AND the database AND settings. Restore that snapshot with a click. You can now feel safe before doing something risky like upgrading plugins or files. Included with your hosting plan at no charge.
  • Surprisingly Clever Support:Our team is 100% focused and dedicated to WordPress. The Support Team has best “number of customers per technical employee” ratio. That means quality, personal support, every single time.
  • Unlimited Monthly Data Transfer: Don’t have your website crash because your successful and hard earned marketing tactics have drawn a herd of new customers to your website. We offer unlimited data transfer!
  • Top-Shelf Hardware Combined with Enterprise Architecture:
    Your website benefits from a robust, secure, performance-oriented WordPress architecture and platform.
  • Security Firewall: Has your site been hacked or exploited? Not anymore! We block tens of thousands of known attacks, and we update our system every day to ensure even the newest attacks are blocked.
  • Automatic Malware Scanning:
    We automatically scan for, and fix, hacking attempts on your site. Our guarantee: We’ll do everything we can to ensure your site won’t get hacked. And if your site still gets hacked, we’ll fix it…for free.
  • CDN Ready:
    We have partnered with a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to ensure your website loads lightning-fast no matter where your visitors are. Your images, CSS, and other files get served from one of a dozen datacenters around the world, whichever is closest to where each visitor is located. If you require real-time streaming of your content, we recommend using a solution designed for this specifically.
  • No More Caching Plugins:
    With our proprietary EverCache technology, we manage caching for you, this includes page-caching, database caching and object-caching. All built in and fully managed by us, all included with no plugins that you have to tinker with.
  • Managed Security Updates:
    We keep your site secure without you having to think about it. Whenever WordPress issues a security update, we test it, and then proactively apply it to your site.
  • LargeFS:
    With our LargeFS system, you can economically and efficiently have as much space as you require at no additional cost!
  • Global Reach with International Data Centers:
    Do you want your site hosted in the UK or in Japan in addition to the US? No problem. Choose from one of three data centers to best serve your global audience.
  • One Click Test Sandbox:
    Eliminate the fear from major updates and custom implementations. Now create a dev environment with one click and test out changes in a safe staging area before pushing changes to your live website.
  • Chat Support:
    In addition to our Support ticketing system, you can also chat with our WordPress experts from 8AM to 8PM CST.