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Website Maintenance / Upgrades / Repair

Website Maintenance / Upgrades / Repair

Website Maintenance is a critical component of your overall Internet strategy. A stagnant site can lose visitors, become dated in look and feel and possibly hurt your overall professional image and your hard earned search rankings.

Have a website problem? Is your site generating errors or pages appear to be broken? Broken links, broken images & broken code can all have a direct impact on your Search Engine Rankings. Get it fixed now!

Fix My Website - The Clever RobotWebsites require fresh content and graphics and must be properly listed with search engines to be effective. Links can be broken or lost, files exposed for dangerous exploitation by hackers and spammers, and improperly optimized graphics can drastically slow the delivery of a site.

Website maintenance services by a third party can substantially reduce your costs by eliminating the need to hire full time website development professionals. We can help you understand and implement the most profitable website maintenance solutions for your company.

We will review your website’s code quickly and present solutions to resolve your issue. If you decide to allow The Clever Robot Inc. to complete the website maintenance we will apply the diagnostic fee to the final bill.