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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Our Local U.S.-based SEO team is located in the heart of the Triad, North Carolina and can help you get Page One Rankings for your website on Google, Yahoo, and Bing! No outsourcing, we can actually meet you in person!!

Over the last couple of years Google has made big changes in the way they evaluate and rank websites. Gone are the days of simple keyword stuffing content and page titles, sponsored back linking strategies and other more nefarious techniques. Google has created strict guidelines that rewards legitimate, honest, and legal optimization that meets certain criteria. You need an SEO expert who is familiar with Google’s latest recommendations and can make sure your site is operating in compliance.

How to Choose an SEO Agency

What to Look For in an SEO Agency: An SEO company that focuses first on delivering excellent content with real value to people searching for your goods/services in your target market. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) should be one part of a complete strategy that is built around engaging content that users (real people) are reading, sharing, and citing.

Who to Avoid: An SEO company that relies on link building strategies that include sponsored blog posts, forum comments, blog comments, social bookmarks. These link building strategies are common, but have been identified by Google as bad. Avoid firms that promise to “…get you to the top of google in (insert unrealistic time frame here).” You may get to page one fast but these tactics can result in your website being banned by the big search engines. We practice “Google-Safe” White Hat Search Engine Marketing and Optimization strategies that protects your company’s hard earned reputation online.

How can The Clever Robot use SEO Strategies to Help My Website Gain Top Rankings and Increase Profits?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of positioning your website to rank highly on search results pages for the most relevant keyword searches. Once ranking high for these terms you will see an increase in your daily website traffic.

The core of a solid performing SEO Campaign begins with:

  • Initial Keyword and Market Research: identify potential search term targets & review Competition Levels & Strategies for picked terms
  • Website Analysis & Onsite Optimization: we perform an audit of your website and recommend updates & changes that will help increase the chance of your website ranking for your targeted keywords. Need help actually making changes? We can help you with that too.
  • Create Engaging Content: content that readers will actual enjoy. If people are reading it google will see it! Following creation a schedule is planned to continue to deliver consistent content on a regular basis in order to capture even more attention.
  • Link Portfolio Analysis: not all links are the same, there are great links and there are poor links. We review and identify where and who is linking to your website. Recommendations are made when necessary and goals are created to clean up and improve the quality of your growing collection of links.
  • Link Building Strategy: analysis and execution of a customized link building campaign is developed for your business.
  • Campaign Analytics: our SEO Experts will measure the results and continue to make improvements in order to raise ranking, capture more traffic and increase your profits!