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Every company or organization has a ton of stuff to print: business cards, envelopes, letterhead, banners, flyers, brochures, sales sheets, postcards, direct mailers, posters, etc. Deciding what to print is just the first part of completing any successful print job. There are several steps involved in the creation of professionally printed media.

The Old Way to Print

Creating & Printing for Business Doesn’t Have to Be This Difficult!

Step 1: Conceptualize and Create Your Artwork

After choosing what to print on, you can begin to explore ideas and concepts for what will actually be printed: the design process. Professional artwork will need to be created. You might already have an internal marketing team with in-house designers or maybe a regular contractor you can work with. If not then you will need to outsource your design work – and vetting designers can be an all consuming time sink in itself!

Once a designer is chosen and concepts understood the real work begins: mock ups are created, revisions are made and you finally have your artwork ready to print.

Step 2: Find A Printer & Obtain Quotes

Now you begin obtaining quotes from different printers. Unfortunately these days, quality can suffer in favor of a cheaper price so you may need to allow for more time to receive paper samples. Quote themselves can take time as each printer has different ways of simply getting a price. Be sure to look for complete quotes – quotes that include everything to get the printed pieces to your door. This includes set up and pre press fees, special options like coatings, folding and bundling, and of course, shipping. These are sometimes hidden or “baked into” final invoices and can be a show stopper.

Step 3: Prepare Your Artwork for Printing

Every printer is different and has their own ways of accepting artwork. Some even provide set up for additional fees. If you are going to save money and do it yourself then you have to download templates, prepare art files for pre-press and send to printer for approval. If the job is approved, the print run is scheduled, the job is run, trimmed, packed, and shipped. Overall these steps can eat up a lot of your resources and time and even result in lost money, added stress and mediocre results.

The Clever Way to Print

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      "I don't have time for all this mumbo-jumbo, can I just talk to somebody?"

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