Email Marketing

mailing and managing email newsletters just got clever!

“Looking for a low cost, high impact tool that can keep you connected with your website’s customers, visitors, and supporters?”

Now you can create interesting content of value – “Tips & Tricks”, “Ask An Expert”, “Latest Industry News” – all wrapped in your marketing message and peppered with offers & information about your products and services!


The Clever Robot has made creating, launching and managing successful newsletter campaigns not only achievable but affordable. Choose “pay-as-you-go” or “monthly” pricing plans. Control your newsletter campaigns with our modern and easy to use administrative dashboard.

  • High quality templates that can be customized
  • Easy to manage campaign lists
  • Build different lists for different marketing campaigns
  • Track your success
  • Easily split test your newsletters to learn more about your audience and improve your returns
  • Quickly add links, videos, and images
  • Grab your recipient’s attention with large call to action buttons
  • Send a test email before the campaign to verify contents
  • Send out newsletters or product offers in minutes
Create & Send Great Looking Emails
  • Design with your favorite tools
  • Import with a single click
  • Autoresponders and drip campaigns
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Automatically moves your CSS inline
  • Build re-usable templates
  • See screenshots of your email in 20+ email clients
  • Simple WYSIWYG editor
  • Personalization
  • Forward to a Friend
  • Send in any time zone
  • Run your email through popular spam filters
  • Free campaign archive
  • Powerful reports on the results
  • No ugly logos or links
  • Send through our API
  • Google Analytics integration
  • FREE template gallery
  • Images are fast! Now images are served from 15 key locations worldwide
Manage Lists & Subscribers
  • Unlimited number of lists
  • Subscribe forms for your site
  • Customize the subscribe process
  • Confirmed Opt-in
  • Preference Centers
  • Suppression lists
  • Customize the unsubscribe process
  • Custom fields
  • Segmentation
  • Manage via the API
  • Export to Excel
  • Track list growth via RSS
  • Flexible import process
Track Performance with Reporting & Analytics
  • Great looking interactive charts
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Open and click tracking
  • Forward to a Friend reports
  • See which email subscribers are using
  • Unsubscribe reports
  • Bounce reports
  • Spam complaint reports
  • Track conversions and ROI
  • Compare multiple campaigns
  • Full activity for each subscriber
  • Export reports to Excel
  • Let your clients access reports
  • Top notch deliverability
Deliverability & Data Security
  • Human approval process
  • ISP feedback loop integration
  • Hosted at fully redundant data centers
  • Smart bounce processing
  • Support for DomainKeys and Sender ID
  • Whitelisted at major ISP’s
  • Industry leading mail servers
  • Run your email through spam filters
  • 3rd party deliverability support
  • Strict permission policy
  • Our team constantly monitors blacklists
  • Delivering over multiple IP’s
  • Multiple layers of data security

How It Works

Creating & Sending Email Marketing Has never Been Easier!

Step 1: Create Your Template

Build your company’s Email Newsletter Template with our easy to use template builder or use one of the free pre-made templates as a starting point.

Step 2: Start A New Campaign

Pick your newsletter template and load it with your content. Add text, images, links, videos and more.

Step 3: Send Your Email

Choose your recipients from your email lists and send. You can even perform A/B split tests!

Step 4: Measure Your Success

Use the detailed reporting tools to monitor how many of your emails were opened, who opened them, who clicked, and what did they click on.

Get the F.A.Q.s!

The Most Frequently Asked Questions About our Clever Email Marketing Service
Can I see a sample of your email marketing service?
Of course! Download it here.
Can I review/edit the email marketing campaign before it goes out?
Yes! Our email marketing service allows you to send a test email to yourself before sending the campaign. This way you can test what the email will look like on multiple devices. The user hub also provides real time simulations of how your campaign will look on both desktop and mobile.
Is this service a reoccurring monthly fee or pay as you go?
Our Clever Robot Email Marketing service is a pay as you go service with no reoccurring invoices or contracts. Send what you need it when you need it, but never worry about paying for emails you didn’t send. Your budget is easy to maintain with custom subscriber lists for each campaign.
What topics are not allowed?
Things that can be caught by spam filters can include:

  • An entire email composed of capital letters
  • Frequent, random capitalization
  • Excessive punctuation, especially “$” and “!”
  • Strange spacing or excessive amounts of blank space
  • Poor spelling
  • Frequent variations in text color and size
  • Scam-like subject lines

Emails that contain unbelievable claims about earning money fast, free products/services, adult content, gambling, prizes and pharmaceuticals are also high risk for being marked as spam, and are all prohibited by our terms of use. The following list is a good outline of topics to avoid completely:

  • Mortgage, short-term / long-term loans, pay day, cash
  • Escorts, or anything sexual in nature, including supplements
  • Impotence / ED (erectile dysfunction), STDs (sexually transmitted diseases)
  • Radical or political opinions / views
  • Radical religious opinions / views
  • Gambling
  • E-cigs, vaping, green coffee, raspberry ketones, HCG, Kratom, Garcinia Cambogia or any supplements
    illegal/”grey area” content like unlocking an iPhone, hacks, cracks and other illegal means to bypass a game’s restrictions.
  • MLM: Multi-Level-Marketing

Before sending an email, you can run our design and spam test to test your content against spam filters from MessageLabs, Spam Assassin, Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo.

What is the turnaround time?
Typically creating an email marketing campaign and template takes about an hour and a half your first time, but each subsequent campaign can take anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour depending on if the content is being pasted into an existing template, or if the content is being manually entered.

Lets Get it Started

Simply complete the short form below and The Clever Robot will follow up to discuss how email marketing can work for your business. 

    "I don't have time for all this mumbo-jumbo, can I just talk to somebody?"

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      "I don't have time for all this mumbo-jumbo, can I just talk to somebody?"

      (336) 767-4312