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“If people are searching for your goods and services and you are running a properly optimized & managed pay-per-click campaign – then you can drive a live, real-time stampede of highly targeted visitors, already in the “Buy Cycle” and looking for your products and/or services, to your website, right NOW.”

PPC? Adwords? Pay-per-Click? This can seem a little confusing at first but all of these terms are essentially describing the same type of marketing strategy. You are simply purchasing traffic to your website.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising places an ad for your business directly in front of the people that are actively searching online for your products and services. Many factors have to be balanced in order to achieve success in PPC. You have to be able to find the right keywords for your product or services as soon as possible. You are paying for every click, whether the visitor buys or not. You have to spin up a campaign and rapidly identify search terms that “shoppers” are using and not browsing “internet users”. It’s great that people are coming to your site, but when you are paying for them to visit, you should attract as many potential visitors who will actually purchase your goods or services.

Next you need to have a professional and attractive website that presents your offerings and guides visitors right to your check out, or phone number, or bricks and mortar store, or whatever your goal is! Bonus Clever Tip: Google Adwords rewards a properly built site with a higher quality score resulting in lowering the price you pay for your clicks – saving you money!

Finally you must have the proper tracking set up in order to analyze the data you collect from this new traffic. This allows you to make accurate decisions towards your keyword research, updates to your website, and adjustments to your budget.

Essential Features of a Well Executed PPC Campaign

“When you’re looking for clever, aggressive, data-driven, and strategic PPC campaign management then we’re your team!”


Your PPC management works to maximize the amount of laser-targeted traffic to your website for the least cost-per-click – remaining within your budget.

LOWER Cost-Per-Click

Lower cost-per-click (CPC) means more clicks per dollar spent. A well-managed campaign will strive to continue to lower the cost of new visitors while still being able to achieve the campaign’s goals – improving rate of return.

INCREASED Conversions

Traffic is good but when you are paying for it you want buying traffic! A properly managed campaign will focus on account management and onsite updates to your existing website, in order to increase the number of conversions.

HIGHER Profits

The ultimate goal of a well executed PPC campaign is to increase your profits! Measuring return (ROI) is essential in properly managing any campaign. Proper tracking and evaluation of data is necessary in order to determine target requirements.

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      "I don't have time for all this mumbo-jumbo, can I just talk to somebody?"

      (336) 767-4312