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Yamabushi Art

Local Asheville legend, Rob Yamabushi, needed a website that featured user maintained image galleries, original blog article content, and a large e-commerce selection. The colossus of super-collage gave us practically free reign when creating a snazzy new site to call home.

When building this site we kept the artist’s signature style in mind, and created a space where all of his work could be featured, read about, and even purchased. Each of the product selections in the shop feature listings of similar products, and allow the user to choose exactly how they would like his work displayed on their person with small drop down menus for sizing and color specifications. A large contact us form follows the user from page to page, offering help with just the click of a button. To help filter spam we installed a simple captcha that has the users do simple math problems when submitting their needs. The home page features a revolving selection of his works, accompanied with corresponding links to their pertaining location.